Members Area

How it works for artists

1. Signing up

If you are a tattoo artist working from a fully licensed studio then we would be delighted to have you on the site.

In the top right hand corner of the site there is a link which says Artist sign in/Artist sign up. This link will take you to a login section where you will be required to register with us. 

2. Members Area

Once registered you can start to build your profile section with details, designs and previous work being able to be uploaded. There is an orders section to check your sales, availability to tell the customer how busy you are, an area to put your designs in a sale section and access to your profile amongst lots of other features. Once you complete all the relevant sections you are pretty much ready to launch your Artist Ink artist profile to the world. We must approve you before you go live which will be within 24 hours at a maximum so don't worry if it's not straight away but we will try. Please read the terms and conditions as an artist when you can as these are important. 

3. Booking & Getting Paid

Your designs will demand a 30% customer deposit with 20% being sent to yourself or studio as a deposit. 10% will be paid to Artist Ink and the further 70% will be paid by the customer in cash on the day unless stated differently by you. For more information please read the terms and conditions

Please be aware when an email confirmation comes through to your email, contact with the customer needs to be made by you or a representative to ensure a date and time can be scheduled for a time which suits both parties. 

Any further questions before signing up you can email for more information.